Upcoming Events

We are just about to start our new Fall series "Lordship of Christ"! You will not want to miss this series. 

  • November 11 – Who is Lord of Your Life?
  • November 18 – As guided by the Second Article

  • Special Thanksgiving Services - 21st 7:00 P.M. - 22nd 10:00 A.M. Where is the Thanksgiving?

  • November 25 – Where Will This King Lead You?

We have so much to celebrate at St. Peter! First and foremost the gift of the Christ child, God’s decisive move to fulfill His promise to save the world. Jesus is His Kingdom Come. In addition to that: God, out of His glorious riches, has blessed us abundantly with every good gift of body and soul. He has provided for our earthly needs both as individuals and families and as a church and school. He has blessed us with creation, hope, family, life and salvation! We take time this Advent to celebrate and be grateful!


  • December 2 – Stewardship Campaign Celebration Part 1
  • December 9 - Stewardship Campaign Celebration Part 2 – Sunday School Service @ 9:30
  • December 16 – Celebrating Life – Lessons and Carols @ 8 & 9:30
  • December 23 – Celebrating Salvation


  • December 5 – Celebrating Creation
  • December 12 – Celebrating Family
  • December 19 - Celebrating Hope
  • *7:00 p.m. is the K-2 Christmas Service