Upcoming Sermon Series

We believe that the Bible is the Sword of the Spirit, the weapon against temptation, sin, lies, and the struggles and difficulties of daily life. Therefore we will spend three months reading and studying every word of the Gospel of Mark. We will dig into the life of Jesus, seeing his values and his choices up close and personal. We will listen to his teaching and apply it to our lives. Above all we will see in one series how his entire life and mission boiled down to the Cross. This was His Time. It’s about time we read all about it.

Everybody has problems.  God can help.  Did you know that God can actually help you solve problems in your life?  This week and next, Pastor Mark will unlock the secrets of the Bible’s problem solving power!  There are three ways God helps us solve problems: 1. Pray, 2. Do it God’s Way, 3. Trust in His Promises.  In week one he will talk about King Hezekiah and the power of prayer.  In week two, he will unlock the very practical secret of God’s way to solve problems.  We will study the relationship between Peter and Paul and how they resolved conflict and solved problems between each other.  In both weeks we will lock onto God’s promises, made through our baptism, that makes problems shrink.  Skip this one and you’ll keep dealing with those problems of yours the wrong way for a long time.