Upcoming Sermon Series

God Exposed! Summer 2019

A five part series that explores questions that reveal the uniqueness of God’s revealed nature.  That nature is very different from what humans are led to think about God when left to their own devices or even general revelation.  Only God’s specific revelation about himself sets us straight and makes a distinction between the real living God of the universe and human ideas about god.  The series will also explore the fact that ultimately human ideas about god lead to humans making themselves to be god.  

07-21-2019SingleVBS Sunday
07-28-2019God ExposedBut Wait, What?

When it comes to the Bible there are myths. Like old wives’ tales these sayings and beliefs have taken on a life of their own. People think that they are standing on a solid theological foundation when they use them. Some have been used for so long that most of us think they are written in the Bible. We even use them ourselves. This series will look at three things that people think are true or that it is written in the Bible. We will first look at what we have heard and then we will see what God’s Word has to say. In some cases you may have your thoughts about God and His Word changed.

08-04-2019MythbustersSamson and Strength
Is God a condemning God?
Who handles problems?