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Life comes fast. Therefore we have to be intentional about the things that are really important. We can't just sit back and let Life come out us and have our lives controlled by the speed at which everything comes at us. We need to be intentional. In this series we're going to talk about three things that are incredibly important in life: Parenting, Spousing and Believing. We cannot just leave these to chance, or randomness, or hope. We have to be intentional. We can't sit back - we have to go on the attack!

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Intentional Spousing
Intentional Believing

Jesus encourages us in His Word to worship the Father in spirit and truth, and to love God with all our hearts. On many occasions He chastised people for going through the motions of religion instead of worshiping in Spirit and truth, or loving the religious form more than the God it points to. In this series we are going to talk about how to keep our worship, faith, parenting and spousing real, sprit-filled with hearts focused on Jesus. It’s about the heart, not about playing the part!

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SingleFearfully and Wonderfully Made
Single5 Smooth Stones
10-27-2019Keepin' It RealReal Believing
11-03-2019Keepin' It Real
Real Spousing
11-10-2019Keepin' It Real
Real Parenting